Bandexcoin is an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency, developed to create a more sustainable future. The reason Bandexcoin is environmentally friendly, is because we used Scrypt encryption, instead of the SHA-256 encryption used in bitcoin. Even better, is Bandexcoins block time of 5 minutes, which allows us to publicly confirm a faster transaction speed than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To come down to the essential in 1 sentence, Bandexcoin does not only need less hardware to be mined, but also requires less hardware to keep the Bandexcoin-core running.

Our Mission

We have a short and powerful mission. A more sustainable future, and one of the first non-profit cryptocurrencies for us and our planet. The way we see this is by always working closely with developers and the community. The key factor here is to always be transparent about future plans concerning Bandexcoin. Only this way, we can come closer to our goal.

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